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In the third episode of Delco Tough Jeremy interviews three women – Meg, Maggie, and Teresa – who started their own business called the “Dimes Club.” The Dimes Club is a local boutique in Ardmore, and the hosts discuss various aspects of their business venture and their commitment to being a part of the Delco (Delaware County) community.

Here are some key points from the video:

  1. The Dimes Club was born about a year ago when Meg and Maggie decided to start selling crew necks and t-shirts. They quickly established an LLC and have been working on the business ever since.
  2. The women emphasize that their business is all about having fun. They enjoy designing and selling their products, even when facing challenges. They want their work to be enjoyable and light-hearted.
  3. They describe their store as a place where they want people to come and have a good time, with a focus on bright colors and a vibrant atmosphere.
  4. The Dimes Club also has a philanthropic angle. They support local non-profits and families in need, keeping their charitable efforts close to home.
  5. The hosts mention their plans for collaborations with other small, women-owned businesses. They want to create opportunities for other entrepreneurs and support their growth.
  6. The Dimes Club aims to be a community hub where people can come together. They discuss hosting various events and classes, including photography sessions and wellness coaching.
  7. The hosts highlight their dedication to being Delco tough, which, for them, means pushing boundaries, taking risks, and putting themselves out there, even when it’s challenging.
  8. They stress the importance of having a supportive network, including their husbands and families, who have been crucial in helping them build their business.
  9. The Dimes Club will have a grand opening block party on September 30th, 2023 with live music, vendors, and activities for the community to enjoy.


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