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For over 10 years, Executive Tree Care has been a top-rated tree contractor in Chester County, PA

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Chester County, PA

Your satisfaction is our top priority. As Chester County leading tree specialist, our crews are experts in trees and customer service!

Our Tree experts are Licensed, Insured & Certified to get the job done quickly and safely, every time. We do a professional job and will leave your property look beautiful.

We will work with your budget to get you the best quality service to keep your property looking beautiful. As the region’s tree service experts, we will take the time to understand your need and provide top notch tree services, regardless of the size of your project.

24/7 Emergency Services

24 hour emergency services

We provide Chester County with emergency tree removal services for those times when it isn’t safe to wait. The Chester County and greater metro area is prone to severe storms during the spring and summer, and the ground is easily saturated. The combination of strong winds and heavy rains often move, tilt, and uproot trees during and after storms.


Nancy Mvia Yelp
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"My job was an especially challenging one, cleaning up a scraggly hillside woods behind my house. The crew did an amazing job which included the need for a guy to climb and prune one very tall tree. He even had to saw off the branch he stood on! They were so courteous and thorough in their clean up of the site. There were dead branches everywhere but they managed to find and scoop them all up and carry them away to the chipper. I could not be happier! Thank you Executive Tree Care!"
Stefan F .
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"Excellent service at a very reasonable price. Doug, the arborist, was very knowledgeable and courteous. His crew did a great job pruning several large trees, as well as some smaller more delicate ones. They were very careful, courteous, and removed all debris. I would highly recommend them."
Jimmy B
via Google
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"120’ Red Oak over my house. GREAT experience all around. Their crane operator is a master of their craft. The entire crew was personable and extremely hard working and efficient. Crew members even cleaned my roof and gutters from the extreme amount of saw dust. All in the same day tree was down, properly cleaned above my expectations and massive logs picked up by their crew. The next day their stump removal crew showed up. They put boards around my basement windows to prevent damage and spent hours removing the stump and removing the grindings. Great craftsmanship all around from everybody. I will be back for more work and would recommend to everybody."

Executive Tree Care in Chester County is a commercial and residential tree service that specializes in a wide variety of tree work from tree removal, trimming, wood chipping, and stump grinding to emergency cleanups. We strive to remove trees with as little disturbance or impact as possible to your surrounding environment and make sure that we leave your property free of debris and clean.

ABOUT Chester County, PA

Chester County, Pennsylvania, is a picturesque and historically rich region located in the southeastern part of the state. Known for its bucolic landscapes, vibrant communities, and a wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities, Chester County is often celebrated as one of the most desirable places to live in the greater Philadelphia area.

The county's defining characteristic is its stunning natural beauty, featuring rolling hills, lush farmland, and pristine countryside. Chester County is renowned for its equestrian culture, with numerous horse farms, stables, and riding trails that attract both enthusiasts and competitors. The scenic Brandywine Valley, which meanders through the county, is home to world-class gardens and historic sites, including Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine River Museum of Art.

Chester County's rich history is palpable throughout its charming towns and villages. The county seat, West Chester, boasts a historic downtown with well-preserved colonial-era buildings and a vibrant cultural scene. Additionally, Chester County played a pivotal role in the American Revolutionary War, with sites like the Paoli Battlefield and Valley Forge National Historical Park offering insights into the nation's history.

Education and community are highly valued in Chester County, with top-rated school districts and a strong sense of local identity. The county's towns and townships are known for their unique personalities, each contributing to the area's rich tapestry of culture and heritage.

With its blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and modern amenities, Chester County continues to attract residents who appreciate the quality of life it offers. Whether you're exploring its charming downtowns, immersing yourself in its cultural attractions, or simply savoring the scenic vistas, Chester County exemplifies the timeless allure of suburban living in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Chester County, PA