Watch Our Team Conquer This Spruce Removal at St. Mary Magdalen’s

tree removal
Tree removal

The secret to local community grounds staying so beautifully maintained and safe lies in the efforts of experts like our team at Executive Tree Care. In this behind-the-scenes look at another Executive Tree Care adventure, our team assessed the health of parish grounds at St. Mary Magdalen’s in Media, P.A.. It was during one of these assessments that they discovered a major issue: two large spruce trees were suffering from a fungal disease, putting nearby buildings at risk.

To ensure the highest level of safety, a well-coordinated plan was put in place. Here’s how we handled it: We scheduled the tree removals for a day when kids were out of school, minimizing any safety concerns. On the scheduled day, our teams arrived promptly, well-prepared for the project. By deploying multiple teams at once, we ensured that the removal of the infected trees—and a few extra stumps around the property—was completed quickly and safely within the same day.

Regular tree care assessments, like the ones we conducted at St. Mary Magdalen’s, are so important. They help maintain the health of the trees, reduce stresses that make trees susceptible to diseases, and help keep our communities safe and beautiful. By addressing any issues early, we can take proactive measures such as removing severely impacted trees or applying fungicides to prevent the spread of diseases.

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