Executive Tree Care’s Removal of Dangerous Ash Trees in Glenolden

Executive tree care tree removal
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Welcome to another action-packed update from Executive Tree Care! This week, the Glenolden Borough reached out to us with an urgent task: removing hazardous ash trees near a local park. These towering trees were not just a visual concern but a significant safety hazard, posing a threat to roads and power lines. In situations like these, you need a team that can act swiftly and efficiently—and that’s where we come in.

We came fully prepared, deploying our full team and a crane to tackle the project head-on. From the moment we arrived on site, it was all hands on deck. The clock was ticking, but thanks to our experienced crew and advanced equipment, we managed to complete the job in under a day.

But our work doesn’t end with tree removal. After taking down these hazardous trees, we are committed to replacing them with a different species to rejuvenate the park. We believe in giving back to the community and providing the public with spaces that remain beautiful and safe for all residents to enjoy.

Community first, always.

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