A Tree Planted for Everyone We Cut Down

Plant a Tree

In the tree business we often receive negative feedback when we have to cut down a tree. Even Though 90% of our jobs are to remove trees that are dying, dead or have grown into a dangerous position occasionally we do have to take down a healthy tree because someone wants a pool in their backyard or a new baseball field at the community park. Over the past few months we’ve been discussing ways that we can give back not only to our community but to mother earth. One of our guys asked, “what if we plant a tree for everyone we cut down?” A marvelous idea, but where do we plant the trees? We certainly don’t have room at our yard in Sharon Hill and not all customers want us to break out the shovel at their home. That’s when we came upon the Arbor Day Foundation’s Gift-A-Tree Program.

Recent years of wildfires, disease, and drought have destroyed millions of trees in forests around the country. The Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation efforts support areas desperately needing replanting and will encourage species diversification, restore habitat for wildlife, and facilitate the natural process of providing clean air and water. The Arbor Day Foundation works with an extensive network of planting partners around the country to ensure your trees will have the greatest impact possible. When you participate in the Gift-A-Tree program, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in one of these forests on your behalf.

From here on out, we’ll be purchasing a tree through the Gift-A-Tree Program for every tree job that we complete! As an Executive Tree Care customer you’ll be given a card as a confirmation that the Arbor Day Foundation has planted a tree on your behalf. This is our promise to do our part in protecting the planet that we call home.