6 Reasons to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

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On a global level there can never be too many trees, but that doesn’t mean every individual tree should be protected at all costs. Here are six circumstances when removing a tree is the most prudent move to make.

1) Dead or Dying Trees

No tree lives forever, and once one is dead or dying it becomes a heavy disaster waiting to happen. Dead trees will gradually lose their strength, and can fall unpredictably during surprisingly light winds. An expert can remove these trees in a controlled way, guarding the safety of your family and your property.

2) Disease and Infestation

A tree doesn’t need to be dead or dying to pose a danger. Diseased trees or ones infested with pests can weaken unpredictably, potentially splitting up, with parts falling away from the main trunk. Completely removing heavily infected trees not only protects against this danger, but it helps stop the spread of the disease or infestation to other nearby trees.

3) Storm-Damaged Trees

Heavy winds or even lightning strikes can weaken a tree without completely felling it. The tree can then fall later when its weight finally becomes too much for the damaged structure to handle. If you suspect a storm has damaged a tree in your yard, an expert inspection will help you decide if removal is the safest option.

4) Excessive Growth

If a tree has grown so much that it’s overhanging your property or pushing against its structure, some radical tree surgery may be able to tidy things up safely. However, that’s only likely to be a temporary solution.

Trees which are overgrown above ground will also have large root systems below, which could be doing serious but unseen damage to your property’s foundations. If a tree is getting too big for its location, removal may become inevitable. Here’s an example of a large tree we recently removed. It had become dangerous for the homeowner.

5) Needing Too Much Maintenance

If a tree requires constant maintenance and tidying because of fallen leaves, seeds, fruits, and other debris, then removal can be much more than a simple time saver. If these remnants become wet and start to decay, they can create a significant slip danger, as well as potentially damaging your paths, lawns, patios, and other parts of your yard.

6) A Haven for Pests

Lastly, large trees which are close to your property can encourage and increase pest problems. Termites can infest the tree and from there spread into your home, which is especially dangerous if you have a timber structure.

What’s more, the tree’s branches can provide a handy bridge for rats, squirrels, and other nuisance rodents to enter your roof space or other vulnerable parts of your home, making removal a sensible precaution.

No one likes to cut down a tree unnecessarily, but in any of these six situations it can the safest and most sensible precaution to take. If you’re unsure, a professional tree surgeon or arborist such as the members of our team at Executive Tree Care can advise on the best way forward, and if necessary, remove any tree safely and efficiently. Give us a call today to discuss your tree needs, our estimates are free! (484) 451-8900

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