UFC Fighter Andre Petroski Full interview for DELCOTOUGH : Episode 2

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Welcome back to the second edition of our #DelcoTough series! At Executive Tree Care, we’re all about celebrating the resilient and determined individuals who call Delaware County their home. In this installment, we have the privilege of sitting down with none other than the exceptional UFC fighter and TUF 28 alumni, Andre Petroski.

Delco Tough: A State of Mind

Delaware County is more than just a place on the map; it’s a mentality. The Delco Tough spirit embodies resilience, determination, and the unyielding drive to overcome any challenge. In this series, in collaboration with Executive Tree Care, we’re taking the time to spotlight community members who epitomize these qualities in every aspect of their lives.

Meet Andre Petroski: From Dreams to Reality

In this captivating video interview, co-created by Executive Tree Care, we delve into the journey of Andre Petroski, a true embodiment of the Delco Tough spirit. A native of Delaware County, Andre’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and pursuing dreams against all odds.

Executive Tree Care, known for its Delaware County Tree Service, is proud to be a part of bringing Andre’s story to the forefront. Through a blend of creative storytelling and strategic promotion, we’re shining a spotlight on local heroes like Andre who inspire us all.

Family, Aspirations, and Future Fights

Beyond the octagon, Andre Petroski is not just a fighter; he’s a son, a brother, and a role model. Through our interview, co-crafted by Executive Tree Care, you’ll gain insight into the importance of family and community in shaping Andre’s values and ambitions.

As the date approaches, excitement is building for Andre’s upcoming match on August 19th. Set to face off against UFC veteran Gerald Meerschaert in UFC 292, this is more than just a fight for Andre; it’s a testament to his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. The entire Delco community, with Executive Tree Care’s support, stands behind him, united in support as he steps into the spotlight.


A special shoutout to Webb Fitness & MMA in Sewell, NJ, and Executive Tree Care for playing pivotal roles in shaping Andre’s journey. Community support, collaboration, and innovative marketing strategies are at the heart of the Delco Tough ethos, and Executive Tree Care embodies these values in every way.

Subscribe and Share: Amplifying Delco Tough

As we continue to bring you inspiring stories like Andre’s, co-crafted by Executive Tree Care, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. By doing so, you’ll be part of a growing community dedicated to celebrating and amplifying the Delco Tough spirit. Share these stories with your friends, family, and colleagues – together with Executive Tree Care, we can foster a culture of resilience and determination.

In conclusion, Andre Petroski’s journey, with Executive Tree Care’s support, embodies the very essence of Delco Tough. From his roots in Delaware County to the global stage of the UFC, he exemplifies the values we hold dear in this series. As a tree service company deeply rooted in this community, Executive Tree Care is honored to collaborate on sharing these stories and inspire a sense of unity and strength.

Join us on August 19th as we stand behind Andre Petroski, cheering him on in his UFC 292 match. Let’s celebrate his journey and continue to champion the Delco Tough spirit that lives within each and every one of us.

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